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THE skills based collaboration network 

Connect with others to Do-It Together & Support Each Other!

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Be Seen for:
Your Skills
Your Goals
Your Potential Together

 Channels  vs  Groups

Channels are guided activities for connecting fans for the specific purpose of

"doing it together".

Groups are formed by shared general interests and a much lower level of ongoing engagement together.

What Skills Do You Want to:

Join a Channel

Join a channel to support others by "doing something together"!


Be Future-Ready

According to a global Deloitte survey  professionals, organizations are increasingly placing skills, rather than jobs, at the center of the way work gets done.

The old way of connecting on Social Networks 1.0
Algorithms designed to stalk & target you.

An outdated r
olodex of likes & follows from your past.

Being seen only as a resume list of your last jobs.

& Communities built on FOMO & General Interests

The neXt gen skills based social network way on SkillVill

GDPR ready to help & support you.

Increase access by connecting via real time aligned purpose. 

Be fully seen for all your skills & where you are heading neXt.

& Build safer communities by sharing skills together!

Connecting Skills + PURPOSE

A Place To Do-It Together

EZ Tasks...

Everyone stays can always

be on the same page together


Do-It together anytime on your channel via live broadcasts, meetings + more


Stay in the loop via personalized feedback and support

Peer-2-Peer support...

Orchestrate more

meaningful human connections

Get seen...       

Connect with other supportive 

do-ers globally 

Share progress...

Share what you have done together!

Channels that Support YOU!

Start connecting based on what you want to do together next in life!

Micro Skill Influencer


Choose Your neXt Path

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Register to create your 1st SkillVill profile & find a channel that fits your goals!


Subscribe to have your own channel & lead others to "do-it" with you.

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Support & sponsor channels that align with your brand's values and mission.

Join Us.

Register & Login to SkillVill Today!

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Social 2.0 Unites People

Building a world of do-ers that truly embodies the principles of justice, equity, and humanity.  


AI for the People
Serving YOU + Us Better

Happy Couple

Me + We

Host a Channel
Let's show you how!

Typing with Prosthetic Hand

Browse our Channels

Join channels who are "do-ing it" together on SkillVill!


InTheBlack Circle Hosting Tech2Connect Communities of Impact FREE Workshops

Providing Digital Tools and Influencer Skills, Ongoing Peer-to-Peer Support, and Networking that will make a difference in your biz in the next 30 days.​​​​  Weekly workshops curated for what the community needs most that week.

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Google Women TechMaker Ambassadors Featuring IWD Events Globally Year Round & FREE 30 Day Time Capsules of Impact

Turning IWD momentum into a year round mission.  In partnership with Google WomenTechMaker Ambassadors around the world we're hosting a FREE channel to co-promote ALL IWD events, resources and allies.  When we connect and share our stories, we turn inspiration into action to make a bigger impact together!

RealRaise HERchanger.gif

Founder Talk Ongoing Founder to Founder support, Monthly Check-Ins & Live Webcast 

 Share your mission and connect monthly with other mission aligned leaders to find your next big partnership for impact.  Join this safe and supportive founder channel and let's help ALL founders succeed together!

Monthly LIVE webcast held 3rd Friday of each month at 9am PT for all founders to tune in, share next milestones and help each-other take the next steps together.

Our SkillVill

Provide EVERYONE access to supportive
environments to learn & grow together. 

Do-It Together
Sponsor SkillVill Channels

Girl Looking Up

WE Need to Solve The World's Problems Together!

Why should every organization care about providing their programs, teams and communities a circle on SkillVill? 

The race to achieve the 7 eship Goals for sustainable learning, innovation & impact has accelerated faster post COVID than the last decade globally.   We're building an alignment based globally sustainable infrastructure to maximize our global impact together along with leveling up  our collective humanity, empathy and responsibility.


Pandemic Made in San Francisco, CA with the World.

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